Hello world, I’m Gregory Johnson. Started DataGovs, a data monitoring company, serving small and large data teams.

A lifetime ago (2012), I started my career in early-stage VC as the 1st entrepreneur in residence at Miami’s first Digital Health Accelerator. I later joined a team of founders to help build and sell a software business to Rev EHR. We did it again with a new software business sold 2-years later to ELMC Risk Solutions. Each time I learned how small teams could make big waves in impacting industries and serving customers. 

After 2 B2B startup rides, I decided to focus on helping teams navigate data problems at scale. I built software/data apps and helped teams in regulated organizations supporting insurers, legal, and government teams on the cloud. While doing this I organized the largest Open Data and Open Source developer group in Florida, Code for South Florida, bringing together thousands developers to build app. This got me noticed by a Director at Microsoft who recruited me to be join their team.

At Microsoft, I led digital transformation on the cloud and co-invested in public-private partnerships which gave me a front seat to AI and data problems. The potential of Enterprise Software to digitize every industry had now led to tons of data that needed to be worked to add value to everyday decisions.

These challenges led me to accept an offer at Stanford University to do a research project on data and budgets. This became DataGovs which builds on top of the federal work of Data.Gov to build state-level data monitoring tools that empower business to grow without worrying about license compliance. 

I hold a Bachelors from Florida International University focused on Finance and Geographic Information Systems. I am also a Stanford JSK Alumni.

To date, I spend my entire time

  • Helping data practitioners with Data Quality Monitoring
  • Between Baltimore and Miami working on the product.
  • Building apps with Open Data and Open AI in my spare time.
  • Traveling between America, LatAM, and the Caribbean